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Maz and the Mystic Bee

          Medicine Music For the Heart

In Beauty we awaken
In Love we remember
In Joy We will flower
With our Love
We will merge
With Our Love
We will merge
And plant the Seeds
in the Heart
of our Earth Mother

A Love Supreme

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"Maz" is a word invented by Ursula K. Le Guin, in her novel, "The Telling." It essentially means "The Two That Are One." The maz are couples who, through a Oneness of the Heart, keep culture and community alive and nurtured through story, music, ritual, remembering, and love.

Daveed and Shunya Caban are one of these maz couples. From the strong foundation of their love, they offer these medicine songs.

Their music could be described as Mystic-Tribal-Folk-Groove. It combines many-layered vocals and instruments from around the world.

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